HP-01 repair kit

For the first time in history there is a repair kit available for the famous HP-01 LED wristwatch calculator.

The “new HP-01” repair kit is the first ever replacement for the original HP-01 ceramic hybrid module. It contains a modern accurate Real Time Clock and emulates the original microcode.

Many precious HP-01 wristwatch calculators were damaged by leaking batteries, which caused corrosion beyond normal repair. The ceramic hybrid modul,  even if it is partially still working, cannot be accessed for any kind of repair.

Now the “new HP-01” replaces the ceramic module and starts a wonderful new life of your HP-01.

For repairing  you have to remove the LED display from the original module and transfer it to the new module. After reinserting and replacing new batteries, it will show the time and date again exactly like the real HP-01. We took considerable attention to the achievement of a perfect emulation of the original behaviour.


    Several years of battery life time in standby mode with two standard SR44 cells. More than 15000 times time or date display before batteries must be replaced.

    Two hundred year calendar from 1.1.1900 to 12.31.2099

    Accurate +-3ppm time with temperature compensated quartz. Full calculator capability,

    Alarm time function with buzzer alarm.

    Full stopwatch functionality also in standby mode. Dynamic calculations.

    Battery life operating time counter. Shows the accumulated time the display was running.

    12/24h mode, Month/Day or Day/Month mode, Memory store and recall and many more.

Because the replacement is not trivial, we offer you a full service. You send us your defective watch and we will send it back repaired. You also will get the original hybrid module for your showcase.

Full service repair  HP-01                         499,- Euro + vat, including insured shipping

If you are a skilled technician we offer you the repair kit for Do It Yourself, including a comprehensive manual with instructions. If you never before opened a HP-01 case please consider the full service repair.

Do It Yourself Repair kit new HP-01          299,- Euro + vat, including shipping

(order by mailing to sales@panamatik.de)

Read the new HP-01 user manual for getting a comprehensive insight about its features.